NSO-NAP 12 : 2019

NSO-NAP 12 : 2019 Gluten Free Standard


16 Dec 2019 Skopje, MK

NAP 12

Gluten Free Standard

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NSO-NAP 12 : 2019 Gluten-Free Product/Service Standard for Life Chain has been prepared to provide the consumers with a reliable distinctive mark for the food products that meets the consumers expectations regarding to gluten-free of the product and production.

NSO-NAP 12 : 2019 Gluten Free Product Standard defines the practices required to Gluten-Free food products (beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and food supplements including) and cosmetic Products. Conditions to be applied to raw materials and production processes are defined and published in this standard.

Compliance for use of ‘’Gluten-Free’’ term is try to guaranteed by the control of the approved standard of NSO and yearly follow-up checks independent from the companies The content of NSO-NAP 12 : 2019 Gluten-Free Product/Service Standard, subject to technical continuous controls.

The content of NSO-NAP 12 : 2019 Gluten-Free Product/Service Standard is subjected to technical continuing controls. It’s aim are to correctly inform the consumer and meet the request of gluten-free for the Product/ Service produced according to gluten-free criteria.

This standard is prepared for meeting the consumer requests of the products/services produce by taking into account of completely gluten-free consume preferences with the principle of for product/service assurance. It’s aim is the reach of the consumers by production processes, as defined at literature to food and cosmetic products/services meeting the criteria of gluten-free.

This standard does not accept and approve the lean manufacturing and the principles.

NSO-NAP 12 : 2019 Gluten Free Product Standard Content

0 Foreword

1 Scope of Application

2 Normative References

3 Terms and Definitions

3.1 Gluten

3.2 Gluten Free

3.3 Gluten-Free Policy

3.4 Contact

3.5 Cross Contact

3.6 Contamination

3.7 Cross Contamination

3.8 Product

3.9 Producer

3.10 Quality Assurance

3.11 Food Assurance

3.12 Management System

3.13 NSO

3.14 NBE

3.15 Information for Other Definitions

4 Management System

5 General Requirements

6 Labeling and Contact

7 Certification, Inspection and Control

7.1 Audit and Certification

7.2 Approval of Scope

7.3 Certification Bodies

7.4 Licensed Auditor (s)

7.5 Licensed Body (s)

7.6 Licensed Laboratory (s)

7.7 Licensed Advisor (s)


ANNEX A - List of Safe Products Categories Gluten-Free in Natural Form

ANNEX A.1 - Example of Risk-Free Gluten-Free Meat Products List

ANNEX A.2 - Example of Risk-Free Gluten-Free Milk Products List

ANNEX A.3 - Example of Risk-Free Gluten-Free Seafood List

ANNEX A.4 - Example of Risk-Free Gluten-Free Fats List

ANNEX A.5 - Example Of Risk-Free Gluten-Free Vegetables List

ANNEX A.6 - Example of Risk-Free Gluten-Free Fruits List

ANNEX A.7 - Example of Risk-Free Gluten-Free Some Grain List

ANNEX A.8 - Example of Risk-Free Gluten-Free Legumes List

ANNEX A.9 - Example of Risk-Free Gluten-Free Nuts List

ANNEX A.10 - Example of Risk-Free Gluten-Free spices and Sauces List

ANNEX A.11 - Example of Risk-Free Gluten-Free Soft Drınks List

ANNEX A.12 - Example of Risk-Free Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages List

ANNEX B - List of Prohibited Products Containing Gluten in Natural Form