NSO is an organization that produces international natural standards.

Specialist staff with information sharing and supporting innovation and providing solutions to global challenges voluntary, consensus-based, market has been established to develop relevant International Standards Natural.

It currently produces seven (7) standards.

These standards;

• NSO-NAP 1 (Natural Product Standard For Food) - Published

• NSO-NAP 2 (Halal Natural Product Standard) - at the committee stage

• NSO-NAP 3 (ISQ-Ecogloballabels. Standard / Criterias) - Published

• NSO-NAP 5 (Natural Energy Standard) - at the committee stage

• NSO-NAP 7 (Vegan-Vegatarian Standard) - Published

• NSO-NAP 9 (Azotex Standard for natural textile products) - at the committee stage

• NSO-NAP 10 (Hygiene, Health And Safety Management System For Life Chain (HSMS-LC)) - Published

Our headquarters is located in North Macedonia.


NSO Structure