Published Standards

NSO-NAP 1 Natural Product Standard for Food

Technical Committe: TC 1

Harmonized Stage Code: 60.60

NSO-NAP 1 Natural Product and Natural Production Standard has been prepared to provide the consumers with a reliable distinctive mark for the food products that meets the consumers expectations regarding to natural original version of the product and production that does not break down the naturalness.

Conditions to be applied to raw materials and production processes are defined and published in this standard

The content of NSO-NAP 1 Natural Product Standard, subject to technical continuous controls. The aim was correct informing the consumers and meeting the requests of natural products with the products which produce without breaking down the naturalness NSO-NAP 1 Natural Product Standard does not guaranteed the Organic Product and/or Healthy Product. Can not accepted as Organic product equivalent or alternative. This standard has been prepared for meeting consumers requests of fully original natural raw material and the requests of products produced considering the food assurance principles. Its aim is the reach of the consumers to the food products that produced by the processes of the natural production original version as defined at literature.

This standard has been created by taking consumer demands into account to eliminate contents additives, dyed, long-lasting, artificial, synthetic components, GMOs, etc. food safety suspicious ingredients produced by the global industrial production due to wild competition, greed for more Money.

This standard does not accept and approve the lean manufacturing and the principles.

NSO-NAP 1 Natural Food Standard Content

0 Foreword

1 Scope of Application

2 Related Standards and Regulations

3 Terms and Definations

4 Management and Management System

5 Requirements For Naturalness

6 Outsourcing Method

6.1 General

6.2 Type and The Aspect of Control

7 Production

7.1 Production And Quality Control

7.2 Design

7.3 Calibration

7.4 Packing

7.5 Storage

7.6 Shelf Life

8 Labeling And Contact

8.1 General

8.2 Products Under Scope Of Natural Certification

9 Certification, Control and Inspection

9.1 Audit And Certification

9.2 Approval Of Scope

9.3 Certification Bodies

9.4 Licensed Auditor

9.5 Licensed Bodies

9.6 Licensed Laboratories

9.7 Licensed Advisors

EK-A NSO-NAP 1 Declaration Of Conformity for Natural Product

EK-B Codex Alimentarius Documents


NSO-NAP 3 Ecogloballabel Standard

Technical Committe: TC 3

Harmonized Stage Code: 60.60

NSO-NAP 3 Global Environmental Labels Standard has been prepared to provide the consumer with a reliable distinguishing mark that meets consumer expectations regarding their production / services by carrying out activities to minimize pollution and / or disrupt the environment and ecosystem in its original form. These signs are to provide information about the product and / or service, and to determine environmental characteristics and features.

The conditions applicable to raw materials, production and / or service processes are defined and published in this standard.

NSO-NAP 3 Global Environmental Labels Standard Content is technically subject to ongoing controls. It aims to provide accurate information to the consumer and to meet the demands of environmentally friendly products and / or products produced with environmental care.

NSO-NAP 3 Global Environmental Labels standard does not give the "Environmentally harmless" assurance and guarantee. Harmless product / service substitute or alternative cannot be accepted. It is a standard created to meet the consumer and environmental demands of products / services that are completely produced by taking into account the principles of ecosystem and environmental safety. It aims to reach environmentally friendly products and / or services by providing measures / controls that will not harm the environment and ecosystem or minimize the damage.

This standard has been established by taking into account the environmental and ecosystem protection demands in order to eliminate or reduce the product raw materials and semi-finished contents used for the proper use of resources and the protection of the environment, arising from global commercial competition.

NSO-NAP 3 Ecogloballabel Standard Content

0 Introduction

1 Scope of Application

2 References and Regulations

3 Terms And Definitions

4 Types of Environmental Labels

5 General Requirements

6 Application

7 Labeling and Communication

8 Certification, Control And Inspection

8.1 Audit and Certification

8.2 Approval of Content

8.3 Traceability

8.4 Certification Bodies

8.5 Licensed Auditor (s)

8.6 Licensed Agencies

8.7 Licensed Laboratories

8.8 Licensed Advisors


ANNEX A - Tests and Methods





NSO-NAP 7 Vegan-Vegetarian Standard

Technical Committe: TC 7

Harmonized Stage Code: 60.60

NSO-NAP 7 Vegan – Vegetarian Product – Service standard is prepared to reliable distinctive marking of Food and /or non-food products; for meeting the consumer expectations regarding to production of products for the consumers who take out the animal, meat and processed meat products from their life and / or the consumers that consume the other animal products depending on preferences.

The product, production and service processes conditions are identified and published in this standard

The conformity of the use conditions of the terms Vegan – Vegetarian will try to guaranteed by the NSO approved standard and company independent yearly follow-up controls

The content of NSO-NAP 7 Vegan-Vegetarian standard is subjected to technical continuing controls

It’s aim are to correctly inform the consumer and meet the request of vegan/vegetarian for the Product/ Services produced according to vegan/vegetarian criteria

NSO-NAP 7 Vegan-Vegetarian product/service standard does not guarantee the Natural Product, Herbal Product and/or Healthy Product.

Does not accept as equivalent or alternative of Healthy Product.

This standard is prepared for meeting the consumer requests of the products produce by taking into account of completely Vegan-

Vegetarian consume preferences with the principle of for food/product/service assurance. It’s aim is the reach of the consumers by production processes, as defined at literature to food and/or non-food/services meeting the criteria of vegan/vegetarian.

NSO-NAP 7 Vegan-Vegetarian Standard Content

0 Foreword

1 Definitions

2 The Vegan Criteria

2.1 Vegan Product Structure

2.2 Content Conditions for The Vegan Final Products

2.3 General Vegan and Process Requirements

3 The Vegetarian Criteria

3.1 The Vegetarian Product Structure

3.2 Content Conditions for The Vegetarian Final Products

4 Management System

5 Categories

6 Certification, Control, Audit and Labeling

7 Sources

ANNEX A - List of Allergens

ANNEX B – List of Test

NSO-NAP 10:2020 Hygiene, Health And Safety Management System Standard For Life Chain (HSMS-LC)

Technical Committe: TC 7

Harmonized Stage Code: 60.60

NSO-NAP 10 Hygiene, Health And Safety Management System Standard for Life Chain (HSMS-LC), specifies requirements for a production/service safety management system to enable an organization that is directly or indirectly involved in the production/service chain.