NSO-NAP 1 : 2017

NSO-NAP 1 : 2017 Natural Product Standard for Food


16 Jan 2017 Skopje, MK


Natural Product Standard for Food

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NSO-NAP 1 : 2017 Natural Product and Natural Production Standard has been prepared to provide the consumers with a reliable distinctive mark for the food products that meets the consumers expectations regarding to natural original version of the product and production that does not break down the naturalness.

Conditions to be applied to raw materials and production processes are defined and published in this standard

The content of NSO-NAP 1 : 2017 Natural Product Standard, subject to technical continuous controls. The aim was correct informing the consumers and meeting the requests of natural products with the products which produce without breaking down the naturalness NSO-NAP 1 : 2017 Natural Product Standard does not guaranteed the Organic Product and/or Healthy Product. Can not accepted as Organic product equivalent or alternative. This standard has been prepared for meeting consumers requests of fully original natural raw material and the requests of products produced considering the food assurance principles. Its aim is the reach of the consumers to the food products that produced by the processes of the natural production original version as defined at literature.

This standard has been created by taking consumer demands into account to eliminate contents additives, dyed, long-lasting, artificial, synthetic components, GMOs, etc. food safety suspicious ingredients produced by the global industrial production due to wild competition, greed for more Money.

This standard does not accept and approve the lean manufacturing and the principles.

NSO-NAP 1 : 2017 Natural Food Standard Content

0 Foreword

1 Scope of Application

2 Related Standards and Regulations

3 Terms and Definations

4 Management and Management System

5 Requirements For Naturalness

6 Outsourcing Method

6.1 General

6.2 Type and The Aspect of Control

7 Production

7.1 Production And Quality Control

7.2 Design

7.3 Calibration

7.4 Packing

7.5 Storage

7.6 Shelf Life

8 Labeling And Contact

8.1 General

8.2 Products Under Scope Of Natural Certification

9 Certification, Control and Inspection

9.1 Audit And Certification

9.2 Approval Of Scope

9.3 Certification Bodies

9.4 Licensed Auditor

9.5 Licensed Bodies

9.6 Licensed Laboratories

9.7 Licensed Advisors

EK-A NSO-NAP 1 : 2017 Declaration Of Conformity for Natural Product

EK-B Codex Alimentarius Documents